K-12 Classroom Visits

I am very committed to community outreach.  If you're interested in having me visit your classroom, please contact me via my  directory page. I will discuss with you your needs.  I can travel in a 10 mile radius from ASU West campus.

I have a nearly complete collection of the elements donated from Jim Marshall or a smaller subset for hands on (pictured left).  

I also have several rock and mineral kits suitable for a 3rd grade earth science unit, including hardness testing.

I can show some demonstrations of harmless radioactive materials.

We can perform several yeast experiments with your students including sugar utilization or flocculation.

I also can bring mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) for simple behavior experiments your students help design.

I have a GloGerm kit and can give an age appropriate demonstration of germ or disease spreading with Glo Germs and/or perform the germ spreading experiment.   

I can also facilitate the Condor/Chub activities I developed for the ASU Art Museum.  

Other topics are available by request!

Hands on elements for student exploration.