Rexinoid Biology

We also collaborate with Peter W. Jurutka and Carl E. Wagner for development of rexinoids for cancer and Alzheimer's Disease treatment.  My work on this began when I developed a yeast assay for classroom use for testing mutagenicity and toxicity.  Extending this work to collaborations allowed me to utilize my Ph.D. in Cell Regulation to help to assess rexinoids for their biological activity.  This work includes analyzing gene expression changes in vivo and in culture after treatment with our novel compounds.

Pamela A. Marshall, Peter W. Jurutka, Carl E. Wagner, Arjan van der Vaart, Ichiro Kaneko, Pedro I. Chavez, Ning Ma, Jaskaran S. Bhogal, Pritika Shahani, Johnathon C. Swierski and Mairi McNeill.  2015.  Analysis of differential secondary effects of novel rexinoids: select rexinoid X receptor ligands demonstrate differentiated side effect profiles.