iCURE Microbiome Analysis and Applied Microbiology

Student work has recently been published in the Journal of Student Research.  Check it out!  Chromium Paper

As a part of the iCURE project, a summer iCURE was taught that included both life science and statistics majors.  Here's the poster presented at the ABRCMS conference in 2017 by two statistics majors at ASU's West campus.  iCURE are workforce development for all!

In spring of 2019, students participated in an offshoot of the iCURE, which included more applied and environmental microbiology.  Two example posters are shown below.  Topics included:
Developing a rapid assay for microbiological contamination
Determining if phage therapy could synergize with antibiotic treatment
Identifying multi drug resistant bacteria
Determining microbial contricuton to plastic digestion by waxworms
Identifying chromium contaminated water and determining its effects on yeast

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